- Odagled


Odagled is a creative artist without limits, such as the music that represents, belongs to the world.The aesthetic categories of Odalged is the beauty of nature are rooted in the deep melodies and full of feeling. As you may notice when listening to the musical compositions of Odagled, intuition and emotion are the basis of their creative process, which ultimately results in a nearly improvisation. Odagled their ep 'Queens' in Inwards Records, it represents their artistic manifesto: a mixture of sounds and atmospheres of dramatic effects characterized by intimate bass lines and melodies intriguing.'Endless' Boayers Odagled Ep is another of its most current works where you can witness this dynamic of sound and its musical maturity at his young age,have consolidated his reputation as a producer.The Emotional Dj set of Odagled reflects their approach to life, spontaneous and passionate. With the aim of creating a night capable of feeling,travel and imagine as much as possible.