- Alexander Aurel


One of the first things you’ll notice about Alexander Aurel is his mental and emotional flexibility, constantly chasing him to discover fresh (musical) pastures. This flexibility turned out to be an effervescent source of inspiration. He presents a wide musical spectrum that sounds percussive, melodic, pushy and groovy. Don’t be surprised if you meet him in the middle of the dancefloor while playing a set – Alex enjoys to be truly „at eye level“ with the crowd. His sweeping sound, paired with an open mind and congenialness, cleared him the way to tune in to a successful DJ career. Besides DJing Mr. Aurel spends a lot of time at the studio, producing his own tracks and releasing them on labels like Terminal M, Soap Records, Frequenza. Currently he is resident at Karottes the hip „As you like it“-events, where he is playing together with him, doing what he knows best: Simply celebrating the moment and letting the music speak for itself.