- Djena


Music had always been the best way to express itself, in production or in stage Djena the french DJ/producer love to bring a touch of its soul powered by a profound love for music.Since his early years he was listening classic hip-hop, jazz & blues, which permitted him to acquired a deep knowledge in music.Started in Montpellier (south of France), he discovered the underground and provided further experiences by holding residencies and playing in different local clubs.His love for music push him to discover new places and lead him in Milan (IT) where he finds and try new dancefloors in Club haus’ or Amnesia before going back to his current base in Montpellier.Through the years, Djena had always played its own music characterized by a subtle dark sound mixed with deep and impact rhythms enabling him to command dancefloors everywhere he go.The studio is a way for him to explore and going more in depth in his style with its own productions.He had now travelled in some of best clubs and festivals such as United festival, Space Ibiza with the Vagabundos crew.