- Vinyl Convention


Formed in 2013 by the Dj's producers Marco D'Ambrogio,Frank Rinaldi,and the musician producer Marco Petriaggi ,Vinyl Convention based in Rome (Italy) Though the team has been together for a short time,it's elements are quite experienced .Marco D'Ambrogio and Frank Rinaldi we made a lot of productions and has remixed top dance artists like Bob Sinclar,Coolio,First optional Deal (Angello & Ingrosso) Timbaland & Missy Elliott,John Dalback,Steve “Silk” Hurley and collaboratedwith most important indipendent and majors recordings labels.Marco Petriaggi has made various hits in the past like "Moving too fast "by Romina Johnson & Artful Dodger (the single have sold more 470.000 copies worldwideand 6,5 million copies in compilations) and has collaborated with important artists like Dionne Warwich,Chic,Germaine Jackson,He has directed a Royal Philarmonic Orchestra.