- Lueking


Music plays a huge role in LUEKING's life. Years of piano experience and a great passion for hip-hop are influences for his great passion for techno. The first steps to musical self-realization he made already at the age of 15 years. Through the first experiences he gained while producing, the love for electronic music grew - and the urge to bring this love closer to others. So the native Berliner came to the turntables and started. Between Melodic Techno and progressive House, LUEKING has found its own style and continues to evolve. Several years, some projects and endless hours in the studio and on the decks later, he found his new home at Tanz aus der Reihe. In addition to numerous gigs in the clubs and at the festivals and open airs of the Republic, the next productions are already on the program. The release of his new EP "Oxy" on Tanz aus der Reihe is just a small taste of what you will hear from him in the future. A young artist to keep an eye on ...