- Thomas Krings


Thomas Krings - former DJ Tom Key´s - discovered his fascination for electronic sounds in 1997. Behind the turntables he celebrated numerous gigs all over Germany. With DJ formation Stereotrace more gigs followed...more attention... ...and more success. For example: - Guest appearances in radio shows - Recurring playtimes at Ruhr in Love - Warm Up´s for Tomkraft, Rio, Lissat & Voltaxx and the Boogi Pimps After 14 exciting years behind the turntables he wanted more and he planned to produce his own track. Musicproduction magazines and turtorials became his night reading. He spent his free time exclusively in the studio. After more than ten works, the first track "Come in" was released in 2016 under the Seveneves Records label. The more successful tracks "With me" & "I think" followed. The response was good, but not enough for Thomas. In February 2018 he passed his examination as an audio engineer at HOFA-College. Afterwards he celebrated his first release on "Formatik Records" with his new EP "Fuction". In September 2018 you can get intoxicated from his terrific beat!