- Arturo Gioia


Arturo Gioia is a Dj and Producer active on the Sicilian scene for about 23 years. A vinyl enthusiast and passionate about old school house music, Arturo is always up to date and keen to explore the latest technologies while constantly looking for fresh and unconventional sounds. A well regarded protagonist of the Sicilian nightlife, he moved to Malta where his new social circle lead him to some exclusive private parties. Summer 2017 is the landing of the DJ sets of Arturo Gioia in Ibiza at Café Del Mar, Ibiza Sonica Radio, Pioneer Dj Radio etc.His DJ sets, impregnated with various sounds, are widely recognized and appreciated for their fresh style as well as their sophisticated and rich technique. Arturo does not like channeling his DJ sets and productions into a specific genre, because he thinks that there' s a fine line between genres. Therefore he strives to follow his passion for music and his instinct, whilst always keeping an eye on the dance floor and the mood of the crowd.He is always curious about new musical movements coming from every major European country as well as overseas. He is stands out for his experience, hunger for steady improvements and, most of all, for his humility and his love for the music that guides him every day in his personal and professional paths. Promo:gioiaarturo@gmail.comArturo Gioia is the owner of Chichi Music (record label) and signed on labels like: • Little Helpers• HOF• Pura Music• NOPRESET Records• Natura Viva• Monza Ibiza Records• Infamous Recordings• Natural Rhythm• Play Groove Recordings• Tres 14 Music• Antura Records• Baile Musik• Deep Tech Records• 1994 Music• Datagroove• SelectechHouse Label• Klaphouse Records• Ride Music Records• Zero Urban Records• Cream Music Records• Hush Recordz• Musica Gourmet• 2Owls (Baile Musik)• Happy Records• Luup• Habitat• The Society• Undeliving Recordings• Street Habitat• Sousa Label• Haliaeetus Music• Unnamed & Unknown• Abracadabra recordings& more .