- Akademik


Akademik (Steven Gallego) is a DJ and producer from the city of Medellín, Colombia.He has always been a lover of electronic music. From an early age he identified with genres such as House and Techno, With a good and dynamic style, and based on current technology, manipulate the soundand obtains abstract textures and enveloping vocals, with low and light tones to build groovers that make these a complete experience on the dance floor.his knowledge in many destinations in Colombia, Costa Rica, USA and Panama, in the same booth side by side with great DJs like Matías Muten, Xpansul, Mateo ( Uruguay), Mathew Jonson, Loco Dice, Paco Osuna, Samuel L. Sessions, Mistress Brarbara, Ambivalent, Z @ p, Guido Schneider, Massi Dl, Joseph Capriatti, Markoantonio, Ilario Alicante, Rino Cerrone, Alexi Delano, Gaiser, Markus Fix , Carlo Lio, Nathan Barato, Oscar L, Christian Smith and many others.