- Gustavo Chateaubriand


Gustavo Chateaubriand born in São Paulo starts his career at 14 years old playing at somepartys and nightclubs, on 2006 after get more experience he starts to make his own musicand after that he was part of many projects setting trends and liability on his music. He hasgraduated at the only University for electronic music in Brazil. Nowdays he produce musicunder the name of well known projects such as Kill the Queen, Elevated Mix & Viollex, withthis projects he played all over Brazil at the best clubs and partys, also released many trackswith the finest labels nowadays, that way he was point as one of the promising new projectsfrom the Brazilian scene.So after such long history it's easy to understand why this producer has such a fine tasteand power on their production, embrace this unique experience and feel it on the dancefloors.