- Apoena


Contantly headlining events in his home country Brazil, APOENA first came out to the industry in 2010 with vinyl releases on the UK label Autoreply/Stuga. Since his first record out, APOENA tracks get played by names such as Delano Smith, Luke Hess, Laurent Garnier, Agoria, OCH, Burnski, Andrey Pushkarev, to name a few. The Brazilian producer called the attention of north american DJ Jus Ed and APOENA first Underground Quality record came out in 2013. With 12" V.A. appearances in different labels the past years, APOENA runs now his own Allnite Music vinyl imprint. APOENA had recently his first Europe gigs, playing Berlin area clubs such as Kitkat, Golden Gate, Ipse, Farbferseher and more.