- Daniel Kazuo


Daniel Kazuo graduated in Electronic Music production from Anhembi Morumbi University, the main school in South America, has been distinguished by high level musicality with strong influences in Disco / Funk / House.He has signed with major labels such as Loulou Records, Be One Records, Erase Records, Daylight Robbery, Witty Tunes, NastyFunk, Defined Music, Sleazy Deep, Radiola Records, Audiophile, Dear Deer Records and much more. Supported by Loulou Players, Amine Edge & DANCE, Shiba San, Treasure Fingers, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Snooba, Judge Jules, Andi Durrant, Chicane, MATAN CASPI, D-FORMATION, Darko De Jan, FORM Music, POPOF, Agoria, Javier Orduña.