- Wladimir Tegarid


Wladimir Tegarid, belongs to DJ-PRODUCER group that currently leading the national pattern, in regard to his style as a DJ, he confesses that he is a follower of electronic music based on HOUSE.His professional repertoire, admits the liking for the music, giving a personal effects that differentiate it from others DJs and producers.His experience began at the age of 18 years olds in the most recognized places of the city, starting their growth and fanaticism as a dj. Over time he has participated as resident (Exclusive dj of some discs) and as a guest in the most recognized places regionally, nationally and internationally. Throughout his career he has shared stages, discs and radio circuits.Wladimir Tegarid begins to work on its own production in 2010.In the following links you can find his works and productions during his experience: vectorecord2.0, cultras records, oceanic records, unseenrecords Colombia, Beatbox Records,Djclub records,Neurotic Groove.