- Rhythm Staircase


The duo of neapoletan dj and producer is composed by Mauriio Porcaro ( Maurice P ) and Stefano Riccardi in the 2015 entering the stables of King street sounds (NY).Their sound ranges from house music to tech house with a clubbing style , and and 'for this reason that their dj sets are suitable for a wider audience. Their productions are supported by many national producer which Todd Terry , Dj Spen, Miguel Migs , Sted- E & Hybrid Heights , Norty Cotto , Kenny Carpenter , Angelo Ferreri , Stanny Abram , Jared G.,Kenny Bizzarro ,Mark Knight , Housego , Bronx Cheer, Gregor Salto , Carlos Francisco , Mr V , Ninetoes , Simon Pagliari, Cristian Vinci ,Dj Vivona , David Montoya , Pablo Fierro , Anane, Jamie Lewis, Juanra Garcia and more. Thet are able to compose live sounds in theyr sets.https://soundcloud.com/rhythm-staircaseTwitter https://twitter.com/RhythmstaircaseFacebook https://it-it.facebook.com/RHYTHMSTIRCASE