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JazzyFunk is an experimental Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Deep House Band from Italy with Funky and Soul influences. It was formed in 2009 by the collaboration between Macs Cortella (dj/producer) and Filippo Perbellini (singer/musician). Our concept is based on customizing the live show with a full audience involvement, making it a 360° performance experience.All tracks are reworked and re-edited with what they call, “JF Mix” overlapping electronic effects and loops with live musical improvisations. The use of real instruments allow us to have a great variety of sounds to expand and amplify our live set.The union of live vocals, keyboards, electronic drums and sax are our basis of an impressive and unique live session, increasingly request in Italy and abroad. The mix of all these samples and loops makes our live performance a vibrant and power show, setting the dance floor on