- Costa UK


This new London based DJ has single-handedly captured the eyes of hundreds of people in his rst week on Beatport. One of his latest singles “This”, released on Vivi er Records, reached top 10 in less than a day, being supported by a lot of DJ’s across the world. Having been in love with culinary and music his whole life, Stefano has always tried to work with his two passions. So, after having lived in Madeira for a while, he decided to move to London to study music at the SubBass Academy of electronic music.Whilst working as a chef, the mixture of textures and avours that allowed him to create superb dishes always reminded him that music also represented the same end result: the creation of something.From listening to house music to numerous DJ mixtapes, he further mastered his talent and was able to create a new journey for electronic music. Why this sort of music? Well, he always felt that the machines would rule the world (just kidding) so why not try to give them a voice through their metallic sounds. In the future, his ambition is to release an album and maybe his own record label one day. Stay tuned, as new things are coming.