- Marie Berson


French artist, Marie Berson studied classic/modern music during almost 20 years. She started singing with 8 years old in severals performances in France. She was playing flute in a classic and modern orchestra as a soloist during 10 years. She's innate in the world of music, as she already inherited the voice of her mother and her father's musical rhythm as guitarist.12 years ago Marie Berson started with electronic music scene making live performances with internationals Djs in Portugal, Spain, France. We can describe her voice as sweet at once powerful and also with self confidence starting with Funk, Disco, Soulful house, Deep, Funky, Tech and Groove." I love make impro and sing what I'm feeling inside". His experience as a singer on stage makes her a recognized artist because not only sings to accompany the music but was born with this impressive gift to give all for the public. Actually, she continues taking inspiration and working on new releases, fine pieces of Tech House and House beats with the aim of delivery something new in the electronic music scene always keeping her passion and love for the music. "Let's groove".