- Beatsonik


To make a just review of Beatsonik's career would involve traveling back in time, when his passion and interest in music led him to prepare for the National Conservatory of Music; his refined musical ear and undeniable talent have placed him as one of the most important references in his genre. And the versatility, inventiveness and creativity that characterize the work of Beatsonik opened the doors of important labels worldwide. Beatsonik bets for the revolution, for the novelty, creates tracks that do not leave anyone indifferent, his sets have toured different cities of Ecuador and have traveled to countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, United States, all enjoying the power and vigor that characterize each of his shows. Not for nothing does his work grow in quality and followers, his figure is inevitably linked to consoles and beats. Beatsonik, producer and Ecuadorian DJ, lover and connoisseur of house, tech house and Techno, is undoubtedly a prominent and growing artist in the electronic scene inside and outside the country.