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 - Lara Klart


Lara Klart’s career started in 2015 in Ecuador, where she first got to experiment with Electronic Music, been House her main interest at the time. Her first residency was in Mexico City, at Club Poe, where she got to play for over a year; this opportunity lead her to later work with Dos Equis music and play at their electronic music Festival called Red Light, in Sinaloa and Chihuahua, Mexico.After a year, she introduced herself into an Underground Line that would captivate her in the mean of having more with what to play when mixing a song. However, Lara likes to keep her style versatile and it’s been able to fulfill both House and Underground Music Miami scenes.In the last year, Lara has got involved with musical production as well, been “Liar” her first single, which was released on April 2017.Lara uses 2 icons to differentiate her underground music from her house music