- Mike La Funk


The Berlin-born, Funky Deep House innovator, International DJ and Remixer has been kicking up a boundless musical whirlwind since the conception of his signature imprint on House music back in 1999. Soon he getting booked to play his brand of funky- driven house all over Berlin/Germany as well as across Europe, Dubai and Asia, UK, Singapore, France, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden and Latvia.Played with big international names like Purple Disco Machine, Superlover, Full Intention, Bob Sinclair, Claptone, Dj Sneak, Klingande, Sam Divine and more.Mike La Funk’s sound could mostly be described as funky deep house & clubhouse, but he is also very partial to Chicago & UK House style tracky stuff, all underpinned by his love for 70`s disco & funk.Today Mike La Funk is spending a lot of time in his studio producing house music with his friends Their singles named "Music is Life and Rain Down Love which has remixes by Full Intention, Jason Chance, ATFC was released on PACHA Records last year and since then has got some amazing feedback. More tracks will be out from the oven soon on Armada Deep & Defected Recordings!Mike La Funk is one of the best of the Funky Deep House Djs new breed, and a Artist of truly International calibre...


Deephouse Top 100, Vol. 9
DJ Mix, The Dukes, Ashleigh, Mika Olson, Bolier, NBLM, Maori, Jaimes, Playinfields, Mo Safren, Ucha, Matty Menck, MZA, eSquire, Kat Deal, Nari, Yan Kings, L.A.Ros, Dina van Diest, Sergio Trillini, Greg Stainer, Scott Forshaw, Nyer Lemon, Nick Steffen, Francesco Gomez, Leon Brooks, The Forgery, Oh! Wow, Mimo, Yves Murasca, Chasing Kurt, Rosario Galati, Malone, Mike La Funk, Jack Shore, GAAB, Will Fast, David Hopperman, Amanda Wilson, Martin Mix, Nick Drumm, Point Blvnk, Cadence XYZ, DVNS, Yung N' Usls, Duke & Robin, High N Wild, Helgon, Nicole Cross, Jones & Brock, Roger Taylor, Ron Reeser, SALADIN, Barkley, Alex Kenji, Arco, Ali Bakgor, Alex Schulz, Richard Harrington, Tima Dee, Lanna, Alex Watson, Ira Ange, Nopostar, Gil Glaze, Sebb Junior, Sammy Deuce, JUONNE, Sweed, Jalana, Luca Debonaire, Tom Boye, Jerry Ropero, Fab Morvan, Milli Vanilli, Gorge, Lazarusman, Karol XVII, MB Valence, DJ Timstar, Code3000, Falko Niestolik, DØFF, 84Bit, DayFox, Alex Lo Faro, Sandro Pertini, The Ger-Man, Andre Rizo, Carl Shawn, Goldaze, Lorenzo Digrasso, Brad Blondino, Rahiz, Foxx N Adams, TheLavish, Michael, JLXR, MBP, PressPlays, David Brush, Avaro, J.X.U.N., Alex Mills, Tough Love, Barbara Tucker, Danros, Tony Myers, Aria, Markem, Ortzy, Mikimoto, Gotlucky, Tom Wax, Ian Oliver, Brandon, Moam, John Riot, Vescu, Join the Gang, Uli Poeppelbaum, Hoxtones, Cèline Chant, David Beyer, Steve Norton, JONVS, MC Flipside, Dario Rodriguez, Tiefblau, DJ Sign, Toni Del Gardo, Kurd Maverick, Van Harden, Jay-D, Luca Cassani, Ricky Castelli, Ellie Madison, David Myrla, Assix, Dominica, Basti M, Brockman, Gorge
Quadrophon | 2019-12-13