- Funky Truckerz


"Its all about high octane and the FUNKY TRUCKERZ arefirmly placed at the front of the House Music convoy, honkingtheir horns at any discerning dance floor.Acclaimed roadsters Cjaye and Trixta have over 30 years ofDj and production experience between them. With Trixta stillfirmly seated in the Guinness book of records for his Sixdeck mixing antics named CUBISM!! Teamed up with CJAYEand locked in gear a new HOUSE groove is very much onthe road so either jump on-board or get the hell out the way.With a string of tracks already under there belt these Funkyboys have worked with the likes of House legend Dr Kucho!on multiple collaborations. With records being signed tolabels across the house music spectrum including classiclabels like "Nervous " & "Pacha" these boys are certainlyleaving there Tyre marks where ever they go.Its an energy experience and tight show with sprinkles oftheatre: prepare for a new wave of House music, PianoAnthems, Disco slammers and down right House musiccreativity.. Consider your Music ride well and truly pimped !!"