- Alexia Nigh


Emerging from the shadows of New York’s underground is Alexia Nigh. Witha loving nod to classic ingredients yet cooking something new, Alexia Nigh strives not to be pigeonholed. Taking it back to the roots of dance music, with stripped-back beats and subs the flavour of the day, her music is best listened to in dark rooms with big bass bins, as rhythm and low end constitute the key components of Alexia Nigh’s sound. Setting her focus on no-nonsense club ready music, she has already begun to make her mark in the early stages, with releases receiving support from the likes of tastemakers such as Judge Jules. With recent releases such as ‘Into The Dark’ on Tiger Records and "Some Dope S***" on Jango Music, Alexia Nigh continues to bubble under the surface, but it’s evident that if she keeps on turning out memorable, peak time offerings such as ‘Lovin You’, ‘This Is House’ and ‘All About The Oldschool’, it’s only a matter of time before her vision comes to the fore, as more key underground players inevitably sit up and take notice of Alexia Nigh’s unique take on head-down, driving beats.