- Regie Rules


Regie Rules or by real name Redjep Selman it's a deejay and producer from Macedonia.He started deejaying when he was about 21, 22 years old in a local bar in his home town Ohird.In that time he was full time bar tender and was showing some big interests in music, he wanted to learn how to play and mix music so in short time his talent and creativity started to show up and in short time of period he become a great deejay where had his first gig in one of the clubs in his home town.After a wile he also wanted to know how is the music created and show more interest in that so he started to learn the basics of FL Studio and with small remix contest in that time Beat Port was offering to all clients with lots of practice and learning how to become a producer.He manages in this day to make so many remixes form big artist and also to have his own tracks. Now he is working as a sound engineering and technician at one local radio in his home town call Super Radio.His style is Tech House, House, Big Room, EDM, Dance, Retro, Pop, Deep Househttps://www.facebook.com/regierules