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 - Optimuss


From childhood he was interested in electronic music he listened to a lot of tracks to find something that suited to his inner world. In the beginning, it was then Electro House once he heard not clear to him, mechanical sounds and deep atmosphere it was a style Techno tracks sounded simple and fast. Since then, his musical perception changed dramatically, he began to look for information about this style of listening to a huge number of tracks just enjoyed this style. His first mix was recorded in the style of Minimal Techno in the period from 2009 to 2011, he opened his radio show Radical Techno Show then go out in the style of a series of releases Minimal tracks and immediately get into the top 100 tracks and begin to recognize his name. On the ratings of 2011 Top 100 Minimal Dj # 2 in Russia. Optimuss understands that for him it is not exactly what he was looking for deciding to plunge into the world of Techno. From 2012 to 2013 he began to work in the creation of what is more atmospheric and deep. After some time goes some powerful releases but they go unnoticed but the next major release in collaboration with already successful at that time the producer Tesla has given the runaway success of the release took place via IAMT one of the best DJs of Ukraine Spartaque. Both tracks from the release lasted more than a month in the top 100 tracks of the world in the style of Techno. Almost every Techno DJ playing their tracks on his speech, they blew up the dance floors of Europe and still remain relevant. Immediately after that, again the success of the track 2 goes to one of the best labels in Europe 1605 Music Therapy and immediately received support from the world's titans Techno scene such as Umek, RHNTM, Groovebox and others. From 2013 to 2014 leaves plenty of good releases in different directions Techno, Deep Techno, Tech House, House. Each track is filled with it than they remembered something interesting and want to hear more and more easy to start but powerful melodic interchanges pit and devastating explosion at the outlet of her good grooves and ideal for vocals to get all blends together and sounds on a single breath causing listen to these tracks again. In 2014 he published two Sample Pack one in the style of House, Tech House another deeper Deep House, Garage House. Also in March 2014 opened his new label Creptonit Records for powerful tracks in the style of Techno and Tech House. Label is fully accessible to all young musicians. The main rule of the label's current music, literate writing and mixing tracks. In one year it was decided to open a new label Deep Feeling Recordings with more subtle and deep sound. After the revision of the team decides to make him the label closed. Releases will be only for a close circle of people already held successful producers and musicians.


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