- Resonances (IT)


Resonances (IT) Supported by: Frankyeffe, Fatima Hajji, Jspr, Joseph Capriati, Andy Styler,Kosen,Sasha Carassi,Fabio Florido, Phunk Investigation, D Unity, Matt Sassari, Resistohr, Umek, Yellowheads, Chicago Jaxxx, Pet Duo, Lunacybot, L.A.W, Dj Warp ... RESONANCES (IT) is musical project born from the passion that Leonardo grew in the years for Techno music and from the desire to experience new sounds and melodies which may bring the listeners to an ever-changing emotion. After 10 years of guitar academic studies at Siena Jazz School, Leonardo decided to concentrate instruction and experimentations totally inside Techno music, because he felt it more compatible with his idea of making music combining synthesizers, mixers, outboard gears and drum machines with his need of 7th chords or diminished keys. So he began his path into the “journey of the research of the adequate sound”, it’s then that he approaches analog synthesizers and sequencers. RESONANCES (IT) mission is to propose quality music, in which you can find, not only technique, but the research for something new aswell.