- Mark Netty


Marc Netty's first steps in Music were into non-electronic Rock-Music, while he was playing bass-guitar in a HardCore-Band. 1997 DJ FLOWER, discovered him and got him to play at some small parties under the artist-name "NETTY". His first actual gig was at a party called "Millenium". In 1998 Netty was Co-Founder of NOVAtek, who was the first association to invite international guest DJ’s to rock the small Luxembourg. In 1999 the expansion of the electronic music scene went on and the NOVAtek events reached top quality by inviting Luke Slater @ the KUFA. Netty started now to promote young local talents and started a short residency with his crew named "WHO?" at the XS Club. This made him play together with JEFF MILLS, ADAM BEYER, CLAUDE YOUNG, DARREN PRICE of UNDERWORLD. The Club being way too small, maid them moved late 2000 to the CAFEdelagare, Luxembourg's finest techno club for a residency and playing with best dj,s like SVEN VATH ,CHRIS LIEBING,DAVE CLARKE, DJ RUSH… Over the years Netty has improved his skills and became one of the finest Dj’s Luxembpurg has to offer. Made in Brussel (be)FABRIK Madrid, Electrominde tour (lux) ,REX CLUB PARIS (fr)Soundstation (B), CherryMoon Party '97, Silo(B) GIGOLO WORLD DOMINAITON with DJ HELL just one of a few great event where Marc been booked. in 2010 mark playing on top events at point club with artists like friz kalkbrenner ,ramon tapia,oliver giacomotto,an more...