- Spuri


Evolve without forget the past, it seems to be the magic trick that gives SPURI the super natural strenght to amaze the dance floor.Always searching new sounds but also getting back to his first references , he likes to revere those styles that had inspired him back in the days, in his early career.Despite being extremely futuristic, his music is always loaded with old school references , join electronic music ehnthusiastics from different generations in only one nation.SPURI's musical potions are made from heavy bass, dark organic beats and a splash of acid electro, indicated for those who love dancing in its most current but are still connected with the old great classics.He's been highlighted in the labels where his work has passed through, frequently the luchness of the same, like "WICKED LIFE", Noise Music top #1 , a classic Braziliantechno label, among the biggest artists in the scene.Signed by the most important and respected labels like the germans SPROUT MUSIC and KITTBALL RECORDS, the american KING STREET SOUNDS and the Russian DEAR DEER RECORDS, he reaches the heights with artists as the german D-Nox , Vitor Ruiz , one of the most expressive artists at the Brazilian techno scene , Gabe, DashDot, so Mark Knight and among many others.He 's been supported by Solomun on "Belarus"track done in partnership with K.A.L.I.L. and “Aranda” with Maceo Plex support, which out "Eastern"Ep by Sprout music , with one more compositions from this incredible partnership.SPURI has been delighting people who are crossing his hypnotics sound waves , considered one of the best DJ sets at Parallel Universe Festival 13, had performed at all toppest Brazilian night clubs like your residence at SUPERAFTER (D-EDGE) one the biggest clubs in the world.