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 - Adrian Hour


When speaking about South American techno music, there is one name that leads the herd. His name is Adrian Hour, Argentinean Dj & Producer, and 50% of the famous duo 2Robots.In the last decade, 2Robots have released music on the most influential labels in the world such as Definition, Acktivism, Audio Logic, Galore, Hypnotzd, Kraft Records, showing on each production, a quality standard difficult to imitate. Furthermore, Adrian has also released music as a solo artist, in labels like Freshin, Techno League, Baroque, Remedy, Freshportmusic, Per-vurt. His music has been supported and played by some of the most prestigious artists in the scene such as like Mark Knight, Da Fresh, Sharam, Tiesto, Bryan Kearney, Umek, Chriastian Cambas, just to name a few.With a 4 decks and 2 mixers set up, they have developed, along with Nicolas Chamorro from 2Robots, a completely dynamic DJ set, that has caught the attention of the most important clubs in their country such as Pacha, Clubland, Bahrein, Amerika, Sobremonte, Pinar de Rocha, Club Space, Bloody, Trentto, Ryu, etc.Year 2012 finds Adrian Hour focused on new productions that will see the light on Dj's favorite labels, as well as playing all over the country, while other Dj's play his tracks in the best clubs in the world. Definitely an artist to keep an eye on.


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