- Durtysoxxx


DurtysoxXx spent his formative years living in the San Francisco Bay Area where he was influenced by the thriving and diverse music scene. Inspired by the cutting edge sounds pouring out of the underground clubs, DurtysoxXx soon found himself addicted to Underground House & Techno music.DurtysoxXx is also the founder and label manager for Funk'n Deep Records. Funk'n Deep Records is all about the deeper aspects of techno and house music. It's your portal to the freshest and deepest new cuts from a global repertoire of artists. With so much new music hitting the internet every day it has become a challenge to find the music we like and we believe that smaller 'boutique' labels are the solution for both artists and music lovers alike.As a producer you will feel part of a passionate and focused team, concentrated on getting the most out of the work you produce. Our non-exclusive contracts give you the flexibility to work with whoever you choose while knowing that we will always provide you with quality support and as much help as we can to gain you exposure as an artist.As a music lover you'll know that you can come back time and time again to find quality music.