- Eddy Tango


Eddy Tango started as a DJ in in Auxburg City Germany. 2 Years later he opened a Record Store named „LOUDstärke. He also promote and booked a lot of Cocoon Artists, Electric Kingdom Tour and DJ‘s like Cari Lekebush Adam Bayer and Gayle San to Auxburg City. After a Record Store , Party Promotion it was time to produce his own Music . Eddy Tango known at that time as DJ Brainscan, Eddie Tribe , Dr.Druck & Mr.Treib create the „vorLOUD Studios“ and his own Techno based Label Schallmauer Records who was Distrubuted by Discomania . He released 5 Single EP‘s amongst other things with Michael Burkat and Lars Klein. Eddy Tango also started a House Music Label called Bikini Records. A German House, Progressive-House & Tech House Label . The Idea of Bikini Records was founded when the heads of Bikini, the DJ's and producers Franky Gee & Eddy Tango forming the idea to a real business.