- Ale F


ALE.F is Alexandre Fonseca ́s new project. ALE has established his mark with Twisted Mind, one of the most well succeeded projects in Brazil with international recognition and more than 100 tracks released on the Beatport. In his career, ALE F has shown up in well-known festivals, including the chance to play for a crowd of more than one million people in “Love Parade” (Germany), the biggest electronic music festival in the world. Has 10 tours to Europe, including great clubs and big events in UK, Portugal, Spain,Switzerland,France, Germany and Austria, such as Pacha (Ibiza), Lips Beach (Ibiza), Nuba (Ibiza), Suicide Circus,(Berlin),Weekened club (Berlin)Grelle Forelle (Vienna), Flex (Vienna), Pratersauna (Vienna), Sass After (Vienna), tel Aviv Beach (Vienna), Fensekeller (Salzburg), Der Berg groovt in Schloßberg Castle(Graz), Baby boa (Switzerland) Overground Festival (Switzerland)Le Telephone Rose (Annecy) 6 Paragrafo (Algarve), Free Flow Festival (Portugal), Mole (Ilha da Madeira) Suite Casino (Lisbon). In Brazil, has a great presence in São Paulo. Of the top of the head, there is an awesome list of clubs and festivals including D-edge(São Paulo), Clash club (São Paulo), Pacha (São Paulo), Kiss & Fly (São Paulo), Número (São Paulo), Lab Club (São Paulo), Spkz (São Paulo), Vegas (São Paulo), A Loka (São Paulo), D4 (São Paulo), Mono (São Paulo), Madame (São Paulo), Soulvision festival (Altinopolis), Mandalllah (São Paulo) and many others.