I am Boho – an artist who was born by Jannowitz rec. label head Lars Kohl, who have been truly stomping the project out of nowhere.Focus in the project is to get the electronic music lovers united in a magical, dynamic trip from house to techno with no musical boundaries and without being focused like everybody else in the industry on headlining sets of only one music genre.BOHO is defined by his entertainer qualities, which are paired with his attractive and sexy groove and perfectly selected tracks. He is much more than just an artist! The man with the hat & dressed in black:Lars is loud and crazy but visionary. He sets the trend factor by constantly looking for new talents and sounds. The JAW Label sound will always be part of his selection, as it reflects the progressive, minimal but techy character of the label boss and his imprint.And he got a lot of new musically influences around the world after his India , Spain , Swiss, Germany touring..He drop some huge Releases together with: Maksim Dark, Betoko , Township Rebellion , Kellerkind, Touchtalk, Acumen , Justin James , Stefan Biniak, Beatamines , Matchy , Alex SchaufelLabels: Jannowitz Records, Time Has Changed , Dear Deer Records , Lauter Unfug