- Alex Sharp


Alex Sharp is Alexandru Hent, born and raised in Transylvania, Romania . He took his DJ name Alex Sharp in 2015 and have achieved massive success in his new home country Netherlands, as well as success in various international markets. A versatile artist, passionate organiser, music producer and DJ. He ventured from being a organiser first to a full-fledged dj, music producer & label owner. With over two years residency, Alex have become synonymous for amazing music and a staple on the labels he released with his deep melodic and dark sound. He released his first EP Amsterdam in 2017, with two deep tracks “Amsterdam Skies” and “Raindrops” and have since work and recorded his next releases, from which the next one is: Marrakesh (2018) where he includes two tracks, Eliana (“My God has answered me”) and Bracha “A blessing”. Some of the sounds and the vocal used in this EP are recorded and sampled from Marrakesh itself and is where his inspiration is coming from. Alex Sharp is touring internationally, and regularly visiting and gig-ing in Norway, Slovenia, Belgium, UK, Greece, Spain, as well as shows in Czech, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, and shared line ups with heavy weight artists, such as: Matt Sassari, Ramiro Lopez, Ash Roy, Agent Orange, Ran Salman, Several Definitions, Spaceandtime, Olivier Weiter, Hubert Kirchner, Brlee, Marc Grabber, Dexon, Charlie Prince, Minitech Project. Social Media Links https://www.facebook.com/alexsharpofficial https://www.beatport.com/artist/alex-sharp/615018 https://www.beatport.com/release/amsterdam-ep/2005721 https://soundcloud.com/alex_sharp_official