- Modest Crow


The word crow in Hebrew (עורב, Orev) means guardian which refer to the mutual responsibility that crows share among each other.Modest crow is Asaf Herrmann, was born in Haifa, Israel, where he grew up playing guitar and drums. After years of living in a Commune, he was reminded of the symbiotic relationship that different mammals and birds share, like a flock of crows. Ever since then the crow has been his source of inspiration.You will find Modest Crow’s music Deep and Bassy with fresh melodies that provide a story, a vivid portrait into an electronic soundscape.Some might call it "deep melodic techno", but plenty of elements from different genres are equally placed in his productions. His music is like the tree of life itself, a creative ramification of inspiring coincidences. Radiating sublime above the mountains offering shelter and food to all the birdies, insects and animals.