Both living in the Ruhr Area of Germany, it was inevitable that Jan and Marcel, 20 and 21 years young, would meet in school time and form a near friendship. Hours and hours spent with music production followed and what was a fun project, in the beginning, came out as the production and DJ duo known as GNTN in today's international techno scene. With just three years in the business, they fast established their signature sound started to release on some of the most influential labels around, like Reinier Zonneveld's 'Filth On Acid', or Moonbootica's 'Moonbootique Records'. Building upon their hard work sets at venues like Egg London, Bootshaus Cologne, or Parookaville Festival followed.And having released standout tracks like 'Helios' on Filth On Acid, which got a premiere by Mixmag, has only seen a continuation of their hard work. Mixmag: "The German duo is showing off a new sound".At the end of 2017, Jan and Marcel revealed their own event series 'Hide & Seek', with the vision to bring well established, as well as up and coming names together in one night. As for now, they hosted artists like Bart Skils, Reinier Zonneveld, or Felix Kröcher. This consistency has not gone unnoticed, with one of the biggest names in German techno, Oliver Koletzki, who recently signed a new track by GNTN, which is only one more proof for much more to come.