- Dance Spirit


Dance Spirit is a duo dedicated to the attainment of subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody and movement. Based in Los Angeles, they’ve forged these elements into a vehicle of positive change through the medium of live electronic music. Esoteric as it may sound, their philosophy has yielded achievements of substance. Championed by such respected labels as Get Physical Music, Crosstown Rebels and Bedrock Music, they have made a lasting mark on the global dance music landscape. Their all-original live sets have garnered them worldwide renown, but somehow the years to come look to be the brightest yet. By incorporating analog drum machines, synthesizers live vocals into their engaging performances, Dance Spirit craft mesmerizing soundscapes with subtle hints of ambient and minimal techno. Publications like Thump, Mixmag and Attack Magazine have published features on the duo, and they’ve contributed guest mixes for such iconic series as Get Physical Radio and Transitions with John Digweed. As big as their audience has grown, their vision has remained the same: to be a beacon of light on otherwise dark dance floors. For the foreseeable future, Dance Spirit have solidified their role as a permanent fixture in the world of underground electronic music. As always, they’re content to let the music speak for itself.