- Luke Brancaccio


Luke Brancaccio is a DJ and producer of global experience and escalating renown. His musical evolution has lead him from frontman of the British band “Suicide Sports Club” and the chart-topping production partnership of Brancaccio & Aisher to headlining international events and gracing the cover of DJ Magazine. A perennial of Bedrock, with whom he has released more tracks than any other artist, he has recently also signed with Circus and Selador, and his consequent exhilarating collaboration with Simon Berry has swept the charts over the past year. Their cutting-edge releases “Oblivion”, “Wake Up”, “Close Your Eyes” and “I Hear This” have won widespread critical acclaim for their “masterfully mesmeric attitude” and a score of remixes from the likes of John Digweed & Nick Muir, Yotto, H.O.S.H. and Kaiser Disco, advancing him to the vanguard of his craft.