- Marc DePulse


I don ́t specify my music. I simply produce and play what I love.”And that's what Marcel Sterling alias Marc DePulse wants to tell us with his releases and podcasts: there is no box into which you must fit in because you are free in your mind to do whatever you love. Being real, being authentic, being a full time music lover. That means: go to bed and wake up with only music in your head!Whoever shed some tears while listening to emotional music can relate to what Marc is trying to achieve. It has to be “music to remember” and make a big impact.And that could be a melody, a baseline, steady percussion or strong vocals. Marc has already connected a lot of that love withhis music. In more than a decade represented by the strongest labels (150+ releases) and performing on the biggest international stages, Marc has established as a unique producer and DJ.In 2014 he released his first single on Noir Music. “No need to worry” (feat. Hollis P Monroe & Overnite) has been released in two parts due to the mass of remixes coming from Kölsch, Camea (3), Phil Kieran, FreakMe and Fred Everything (2).You may call it deep house, call it tech house, call it minimal. But never call it “Electronic Dance Music”, please!Keep your eyes and ears open for new Marc DePulse releases, there ́s always a lot of stuff coming up!