- Felix Raphael


Felix Raphaels productions and the selected Tracks he plays always try to follow this Philosophie and principles of understanding Music. The Interaction of dark and deep technoid sounds and dreamy melodic Elements is one of the trademarks that makes his Work Special. It does ́t have to be a straight Techno Kick in every Track, he also likes it when there is a little Djembe Hit or a Wooden Stick now and then who preserves the Groove and let the Listener a Jungle feel. Due to his musical Background of being a Singer Songwriter and playing various Instruments, he involved those inuences to his Work. So if you ́ll probably nd vocal parts in his Tracks now and then. Felix Raphael is also working as a vocalist with other Producers such as Stereotype (Get Physical, Mukke, Ein2) from Berlin or Kuroten an Artist from Nerverest Records. Beiing part of the Liebe & Triebe Collective and having a Residency at Baby and Bombe in Ingolstadt he is Part of the Scene in Ingolstadt since around 2 Years now. He also had some Gigs at Bahnwärter Thiel in Munich. Playing alongside Djs like Dirty Döring, Nicone, David Dorad, Sven Dohse, Jan Oberlaender, Ruede Hagelstein, Kellerkind, Boy next Door and a couple more, he always tries to gain his game and read the crowd to build moments of joy for his Listeners.