- Avi Subban


Avi Subban, born in South Africa, personifies himself through music as the epitome of innovation and creativity. Beginning his music career at the young age of 15, Avi has molded himself into the refined analogy of musical enlightenment and forward thinking.Currently signed to multiple labels across an array of sub-genres including Stay True Sounds, Deepstitched Records, Croatia's Dubwise Records and Multi- Racial Records to name a few, he has set a name for himself in the industry that will only inspire and move the masses.Gaining support from artists all over the world such as Atish, Nadja Lind, Forteba, Martin Landsky, The Lazarusman, Marcelo Méndes, Mr Subban has grounded himself in eclectic rhythms bringing forth a new dimension and approach to dance music, reconstructing the boundaries in his productions and performances alike.Performing with internationals including Martin Stimming, Floyd Lavine and Just Her, Avi is able to send listeners of all backgrounds through an euphoric journey that is memorable from start to end by uniting his love and passion through music with people and atmospheres."Music's a source of magic that's capable of changing the world. I want to be apart of that magic." - Avi Subban