- Juliane Wolf


Juliane Wolf started DJing with vinyl in 2008. Since then, she played in every bigger city in Germany in clubs like Golden Gate or Suicide Circus in Berlin, but also other places in Europe like France, the Netherlands and Malta. In 2017, she also enjoyed playing at Amsterdam Dance Event. Juliane is a really versatile live act and DJ. For example, in 2017 on one weekend she played a techno set at Suicide Circus, but the next month she played a live ambient gig at a church in Cologne. Besides DJing she discovered the world of producing and synths. This has led to many releases on labels such as Manual Music / MNL, Cinematique, Babiczstyle, The Plot Music, Stripped Digital and many others. She also did a remix for Robert Babicz under her old alias Ayana Blume. Juliane loves to do live, hybrid and DJ sets and sometimes also includes analogue equipment such as modular synthesizers into her setup. She released her album ‘Peaceful Heart’ on Honey Drops Recordings in 2017 which went straight into Beatport‘s Electronica and Progressive House Top 10. Juliane loves diving into analog equipment and learn synthesis from the beginning on. She has a big passion for acid house, progressive house and melodic techno, but also loves the sound of the 80s. Because of her open mind for music she just started her own label Wizarding Wolf. The rst release ‚Nada Brahma‘ which means ‚The world is sound‘ includes the original version of ‚Nada Brahma‘, a captivating remix by Robert Babicz and an atmospheric ambient version of the original.