- Not Demure


Not Demure a young musician, producer, live performer, and Dj from Mar del Plata, Argentina living in Mallorca, Spain. His musical creations (that vary from progressive to techno and dub-techno) are aided by years of training at the conservatory, leading several music bands during his preadolescence and an upbringing in a musically-in uenced home. Big night presentations with artists like Clarian [Life and Death], Graziano Raffa [Sudbeat] Tapesh [Hot Creations] and Bart Skils [Drumcode] launched his career. His sets, characterized by their harmonic content, have been inspired by Guy J, Recondite, Stephan Bodzin, Rodríguez Jr., Stimming, Ran Salman, Ame, and Octave One.