- Benwaa


Holy Island, an island off of the coast of North Wales is where Benwaa began spinning wax at an early age, and now maintains his humble studio. Isolated from the marketing, fashion and pretentious attitudes that plague the music industry, Ben is free to express himself through his sounds. Safe from this environment, he is unconstrained and has no urge to conform with any ideal or aesthetic and thus his electronic music is pure self expression. A window into his soul. His sound is perhaps a product of his daily grind with boredom, escapism, events in his life and a long term passion for technology and music in general.Inspired by a diverse and eclectic range of music, from 1920’s jazz, Sousa marching bands, through to grunge of the 90’s and progressive house and trance of that era too, the orb and banco de gaia really tickled his ears into becoming obsessed with electronic audio and his journey into personal sound started from there. His somewhat reclusive nature dictates that his release schedule is fairly sparse. His tracks can range from driving techno, to melancholy and dark synthesizer orchestrations, ghostly deep listening, noodling far away ambient and beyond. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, within his sounds are vast amounts of detail for the listener to decipher. Emotions transmitted through mathematics and code.He continues to DJ a few choice parties, and to release music on select labels including his own Gibbon Records Imprint.