- Zankee Gulati


From the deepest of progressive house to tribal tech house, acid and dark melodic techno, Zankee seamlessly transitions genres and provides sets, which constantly keep you guessing. Through his love of exploring progressive realms of music, regular podcast Deep Down Progressive Sounds has emerged showcasing his true love and sound.Over the years, Zankee has had the opportunity of supporting some of the industry elite including Guy J, Max Graham, Yotto, Guy Mantzur, Lane 8, Eelke Kleijn, Dusky, Pig & Dan, Robert Babicz, Grum and many more. A nascent production career has been born out of Gulati's DJ performances with original work in the shape of "Airborne" and "Jupiter" for Clinique and Soundteller in 2017 and 2018. Now debuting on Particles, "Breathe" is founded upon a mule- like kick that acts as a metronome for a beautiful sequence of flowing melodies to rise and fall in reverberated glory. In perfect synchronicity with offbeat percussion, pads swell and pan across the left-right spectrum while a hypnotic bassline keeps all in check. Partner track, "Lush" immediately delights with its coruscating arpeggios that fit tightly against strong beat and house rhythm. Building elegantly, a synth line emerges in freeform fashion, juxtaposed against metronomic cadence and machine-based sequences. The result is a glorious multi-layered piece.