- Ed-ward


Edward, deejay and producer born in Barcelona.At an early age he began his career in the field of music, showing great technical and interpretative qualities mentioned genre. Its estimated interest in this profession you are motivated to achieve your dream, be established between relief and artists serve as an example to new generations. At only 16 he launched into the world of the night starting his career with the group Mistyc stationed in the area of the Valleys. This experience was alternating between private parties, raves and performances in halls of medium capacity.Clubs of reference as: COVA DEN XOROI, DC-10,Merci,Row 14, THE ONE, Tremenda Wear(madrid), Miau Club, Louie Vega, The Color of Sound, Revolution, Atic,Nit & Dia, All Right, Bambu Beach Row 14, Lounge Club Salamandra, Oxigeno 3, Eitwo, cocoloco, Alter Ego, Instinto, Maxims, La Divina, Insomnia, soko Club, Twitter, ZEN Club, Samasatti Lounge Club, Star Club... Now part of an advocacy group called: Asdis NIGHT.NIGHT Asdis born with the intention of providing specific parties, services to individuals and companies with the most exclusive and cutting-edge DJs hand of national and international scene. (Agatha pher, Gustavho Bacillus, Bern gomez & Edward).In Asdis NIGHT want to achieve a unique, unlimited, dynamic and transgressive, offering our particular concept of party with the best progressive music tech, minimal tech, tech house and techno.Special performances live, the best atmosphere and the best staff.Our audience is mostly young and cosmopolitan, attracted by good music and fun.NIGHT Asdis intended to cause a sensation with a primary objective and concise, take care that your audience an enjoyable stay.Just ask a requirement, be prepared to do so.Edward Cartel has shared with Luciano, Christian Smith, Alex Under, Popof, Paul Mac, Cristian Varela, Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Florian Gasperini, Maayan Nidam, Marc Maya, Raul Mezcolanza, Jose Franco.And in the cabin with renowned DJs such as Emanuel, Albert Jobani, Dominique Costa, Sergio Blanco, Alex Albert, Joan ibañez, Juanra martinez, Dani masi, Oscar Palacios, Uri Magan, Lexlay, PlayGround, The Minimum, George Privatti, Neil Sam, Joob, Sonodromo, Alex Lario, J.Arjona, Christian Baez, Aitor Galian, Sergio Loops, Juli-jc, Durko fariña, Marc Mato, Adrian bass, Juli de Alonso, Edu Egea, Juanris, David denoia, Ludowick, P- Lucho, Oscar j.Garcia, Toni Vazquez, Toni cañadas, Tony Rodriguez, Agatha Pher, Bern Gomez, Gustavo Bacilo, Logyk Dj...