- Amir Telem


I love this music from the depth of my heart and as a spiritual seeker, I can feel the hidden treasure this music will lead us to. I'm determined to create and spread music to help awakening the soul within the heart to the eternal love it's made of. Then, I would like to meet you and rise together <3 While the music is touching you, know that I care for you. Amir is creating deep journeys of lush music within his productions, live sets and podcasts.He has played in the venues and festivals including Burning-Man, Gratitude-Migration, Members Camp Out, PEX, I-Feel, Tulum and Isla- Mujeres In Mexico and Jaffa in Israel. Amir served in the Israeli-Army and discharged in the rank of Captain after he experienced combat as a commander of soldiers. He is holding a masters degree from New-York University in Executive Management of Public Administration and Social Impact. A few years ago he has chosen the spiritual path of music, yoga and meditation. Amir is a certi ed yoga and meditation teacher and also lived as a monk for a few months to expend his spiritual understanding.