- Di Rugerio


Di Rugerio is a well-known and respected DJ Producer on the electronic scene in Mexico, likewise he is consolidating his name around the world with his music and sets performing in many clubs in North America and South America, in the fall of 2019 he made his debut in Europe performing in different cities and had the privilege of being part of one of the most important electronic festivals such as the Amsterdam Dance Event. With outstanding releases on labels like Iboga Records, Univack, Borderline Ibiza, Plaisirs Sonores, Aftertech Records, Chrom Recordings, Wood Label, One Of A Kind and many more, Di Rugerio has developed an unique style in the Melodic Techno, a dynamic, mystic and hypnotic fusion of genres that perfectly ts in any kind of club or open-air festival. His versatility in the decks has make him share the stage with many important artists from all over the globe. His Milano / Playa del Carmen residence is now a key into his international exposure. As manager of Uxoa Dutxa Elite, record label that he founded in the mid 2012, Di Rugerio has released music of talented producers from different countries reaching an excellent support of heavy-weight DJs, his record label is positioning as one of the best and favorites in the genre of Melodic House & Techno in the different digital platforms.