- Tear of Joy


‘Tear of Joy’ is a project born in London, created by Cristopher Michelagnoli. The DJ, of Italian origin, started to perform at the age of 16 at rave parties, organised by his city, growing between sounds and goa trance.From this experience music became his real passion, which grew stronger upon discovering his uncles vinyl collection of house and acid house dance.This rough musical education was the inspiration for the young DJ to find the type of sound that suited him stylistically as an artist.The search ended when listening to a pieces by artists like : Raffaele Attanasio, tim engelhardt , dixon , solomun and others techno and deep house will be on its way.Thus it was that Cristopher chose the path of techno, finished with his studies in Italy, and moved to London to begin producing and studying music.The choice of name is inspired by the DJ’s musical path. As he evolved and played for different audiences the DJ began to understand how the emotions his listeners experience are linked to the concept presented in the music.The strongest and most intense emotions are those that fall on the face as a ‘Tear of Joy’.