- Martin Mind


One thing is really clear, that Martin Mind is a DJ who has a special interest, enjoyment of life and of course also the passion to the electronic dance music since a long time. His music style moves especially in the genre deep house, tech house, techno and electronica, which one you can hear typically in each of his set’s and podcasts. In those days, exactly in the year 2010, Martin started and tried to play directly with the black gold medium, also called vinyl, onto the turntables. Only a short time later, he plays and was seen on a few smaller festivals and clubs. After some time, his name became a bigger point of view in the regional electronic music scene and nowadays he also in the line up to play the support for big names and headliners. Now it’s not only in the regional scene that he brings the people to dancing and grooving, but he plays also in the national music scene, too. Martin is also a member of the crew, which founded the music label „deep with you“ a few years ago in Jena and he is also resident „Klangkino“. Every person who wants to nd out more about us, then check and go to our homepage, please.