- Remcord


Young French artist Remcord has come a long way since he took his first steps in music. From playing guitar and drums he moved on to electronic music, first as dj and later on also as producer. He developed his own sound with catchy rhythms, cheerful synths and well placed vocals, influenced by artists as Super Flu, Anja Schneider, Steve Bug, Oliver Huntemann, Piemont, The Glitz, ...Being very productive he has composed a great array of tracks within the techno, house and minimal genres. He released on several labels like Red Light, Strom, MinimalMinutes and Feierkind, including a full album in 2010. At the age of 23 he got picked up by Atmosphere Records. With his tracks Slipe and Katari both signed on vinyl by renowned labels and his ever improving live act he's ready for the bigger dancefloors.