- Underspreche


Male/female italian duo Underspreche debuted in 2016 with their first ever 12” alongside Muslimgauze and, since then, they’ve proved a solid wish to equally explore dance-floor and experimental music trying to bring Indian and African polyrhythms, in which they wallow happily, into the world of 4/4. The Italian producers are not newcomers of the scene, finding in OptimoTrax a prolific, suitable head quarter where they can fully express themselves. Their productions are often exalted by the duo’s female opera voice or other reworked vocals coming from diverse worlds and cultures as you can listen in their early work “Flowers from the lake” from their first release (Optimotrax 18). Also their Album “Invito Alla Danza” is full of contrasting elements that link classical instruments to a modern techno groove. In 2017 they released the Ep “Symbiosis” on Mule Musiq which defines really well the connections between their way of making music and that coming from cultures pretty far from them. On 28th July they played at Panorama Bar/Berghain.In 2018 they released their track "From The Exotism To The Future" on Secret Weapons X by Innervisions. They also gave a contribute in Family Horror compilation by Kann with their track "Against" and they put out a remix for Phunkadelica, "Microcosmo" out via Engrave LTD. Other news will be announced soon. The duo has been supported by different, relevant figuresof the music area and not only. Their music have been played by Optimo,Ben Ufo, Dixon, Âme, Solomun, Red Axes, Marvin & Guy, Lehar, Mano Le Though, Michael Mayer, The Drifter, Jonathan Kaspar, and many more. It’s been reviewed by Christian Zingales author of the book “Techno: Story, Records, Protagonists” ,featured by Versace in a fashion show and by Groove Magazin.